Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Art Olympics Winners!

Good evening, all! I'm excited to announce the winners of the Nail Art Olympics!

All of the entries were fantastic and it was really hard to choose. But at the end of the day, I did have to pick my top 3 and I somehow managed to.

Are you ready to see who won?

Here we go!

Winning the Bronze medal (aka: Essie Penny Talk):

Stephanie P of

And with the Silver Medal (aka: Essie No Place Like Chrome):

Caroline S of

And the big winner of the Gold Medal (aka: Essie Go for the Gold) and the red, white, and blue Art Club trio:

Courtney M of

Congratulations to the winners! And be sure to shoot me an email at from the same email you entered with so I know it's you!

Get ready for another post tomorrow and HINT: It's perfect for Fall!

Until tomorrow!
Princess Polish

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  1. awesome! they look so cool