Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OPI DS Shimmer

It is not exactly a surprise as to how much I LOVE the OPI Designer Series Collection. So when I saw all of them on clearance last winter at Harmons for $3.97, I snatched up every last one, all thirteen of them. In fact, I even have a duplicate for a very special reason when I hint 100 followers. HINT HINT: Get cracking on that, guys.

The most classic of all holos is silver because not only is it the first, it's often the best of a collection.

So today, I bring you OPI DS Shimmer…

The refraction of light in Shimmer is fantastic and you can clearly see the rainbow effect with one or two coats.

The application was excellent, nice and smooth. And per usual, the brush was fantastic. This was with two coats. I probably could have used a third, but in tomorrow's post, you'll see why I only used two.

This is with only one coat. I think this definitely has a chic, nearly nude-but-better look to it that is perfectly fashionable, as well. It can also be dainty, as you see here, since it's not as in-your-face as regular silver glitter, or you can jazz it up with some nail art, colored tips, or even marbling (hint hint: tomorrow) to make it a little wilder.

Regardless of how you wear it, DS Shimmer is definitely versatile and a must-have for any holo-lover.

- Princess Polish