Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OPI Midnight in Moscow

Today, I'm rocking a little bit shorter of nails and also a color far different from my Superbowl manicure.

This has always been a go-to color for me, with a vampyness to it that I can't help but love. Though, I must apologize for the state of my nails at the time of this picture. I'm in the process of puppy-proofing my home.

Through the Seeing Eye Inc. of Morristown, NJ, my family and I are raising a Seeing Eye Puppy-in-training, who will be arriving on Valentine's Day. We will have her for a little over a year, training her in basic obedience, behavior, and house manners, as well as exposing her to all different circumstances she may encounter down the road as a guide dog for a blind person.

The funny part of this whole story is that The Seeing Eye names all of the puppies in a litter with the same letter. While I don't know her name, and won't until next Tuesday, she is a black labrador retriever from the "p" litter.

So what have I been referring to her as? Princess P.

I promise, lots of photos of her to come! :-D

Until tomorrow!

Princess P(olish)