Friday, February 10, 2012

The Puppy is Coming + A Giveaway

I am happy to announce that after nearly a year of waiting, my first Seeing Eye puppy is on her way! For those of you who don't know me, I am a raiser for the Seeing Eye Inc. of Morristown, NJ, the oldest guide dog school in the United States. This year, TSE is celebrating their 70th year of puppy raising.

Puppies are assigned to families and individuals, whom they live with for anywhere from a year to 16 months. As a raiser, I will be training the puppy in obedience, house manners, and general desensitization to various locations and circumstances.

On Valentines Day, I know that I will be receiving a female Black Lab, who will be joining my five-year-old Chocolate Lab, Dakota, however, I do not know her name. The Seeing Eye names all of their puppies by assigning a letter to each litter in order of birth from A-Z. This makes it easy to recognize siblings and in fact, my puppy's sibling will belong to another member of my school club. What I do know is that she is from the "P" litter, meaning her name will start with a P.

And this is where you all come in! From now until 12:01 EST on February 14th, take a guess through the entry in the Rafflecopter widget below as to what "P" name you think she'll have!

There are three grand prizes up for grabs. The people who guess correctly will be entered to receive either the OPI Holland Mini Collection, the OPI Nicki Minaj Mini Collection, or a Valentines Day prize pack, which includes one full sized bottle of China Glaze Ring in the Red, and some other awesome surprises

However, I will pick seven random names, regardless of your guess, from the widget and each person will receive a mini CG Ruby Pumps and a mini Out the Door Top Coat. So even if you aren't correct, you still have a chance to win!

Good luck and get to guessing!

Princess Polish, Princess Puppy, and Little Miss "P"