Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 12: Zoya Neeka

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting... been having MAJOR issues with my camera card, so I had to reswatch some polishes tonight. It was kind of sad. :-(

BUT, luckily, I only lost a few and we're still on schedule to complete the 30 Days of Zoya before 12/20! Woot!

Anyway, here is Neeka!

Neeka is a beautiful gold-flecked purple that is an absolute showstopper. The gold flecks are so prominent, but not overpowering. Per usual, Zoya got it exactly right.

Even from the side, she is to die for. And the formula was dreamy. Two coats is all you need. She's still perfect for the winter.

It feels so damn good to be back. Tomorrow, let's go for a holiday theme since we've kicked off the Christmas/Chanukah season. You can pick from Colbie for Christmas, Holly for Christmas, or Noel for Chanukah.

Thanks for sticking with me!
Princess Polish