Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 3: Zoya Cynthia

I originally bought this color for my roommate, who is also named Cynthia, as part of her birthday present. Then, as it turned out, I snagged the whole collection from a Zoya giveaway. So now, we each have our own!

Cynthia is a lovely peacock blue that is so easy to apply, I could do it half asleep. And considering I swatched this after studying for an exam, I pretty much did. This is with two coats. I probably could have used another for a richer finish, but I was EXHAUSTED.

The best part about this polish is that it breaks the mold of most other, hard-to-remove blues. It took a little extra effort at the cuticle with a cotton swab, but it didn't leave any ugly stains that made me feel like Smurfette. And that's a REALLY good thing.

So, what do you think about Cynthia? Is she your cup of tea or are you going to pass on her?

For Day 4, put down the glitter and back away from the pixie dust, Tinkerbell!!! We're going with cremes! Your choices for tomorrow are Mira, Breezi, and Areej. Get voting!

And remember, the more days you vote, the more entries you get! (Full rules here.)

Enjoy your Sunday!
Princess Polish