Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day Holo: Space Girl Nails

Hi again, everyone! Sorry for the long delay... been getting all of my stuff together for school and spent a few days in Atlantic City. My mom was the big winner, but I didn't lose too bad at all!

Today, I have a little mani that I have dubbed Space Girl Nails because it reminds me of outer space!

I used Zoya Suri (which you'll see swatched on its own later in the week), topped with Nfu Oh 61 and a little stripe of Zoya Mira. I think Mira adds that little extra pop, don't you?

Because it has been pretty rainy here for a few days, I couldn't get any sunlight swatches. Yeah, this was INDOORS. And I love it!

So what do you think of the Space Girl Nails? And remember to enter the Olympics Nail Art contest before time runs out this weekend!

Until next time!