Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 28: Zoya Veruschka

While March Madness sweeps through Princess Polish, we're coming to the tail-end of the 30 Days of Zoya Challenge and giveaway!

Today features a polish I snatched up in the New Years promo, not knowing it would be discontinued shortly thereafter: Veruschka.

Zoya Veruschka is a matte forest green shimmer that I actually do not mind wearing. Most other mattes are completely dull and remind me of old cars. This one has a glow about it, even without a gloss.

Though of course, I do like it glossy better.

What about you, ladies? Glossy Veruschka or Matte Veruschka?

As of this moment, Day 29 is going to feature another wonderful guest editor. So unfortunately, it is time to pick the last color for our 30 Days of Zoya Challenge! I'm due to receive Tru, Skylar, and Lotus any day now, as well as Opal, Maisie, and Chloe. So pick either Tru, Skylar, or Lotus and it will get the full fleck effect treatment!

Until then!
Princess P

March Madness Top 64: The South Division

Alright, everyone! The response to March Madness has been pretty positive so far and I'm very excited. So without further adieu, here are the matchups out of the South:

Game 1:

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Swatch and Review: Sally Hansen HD Byte

I had been reading that over at Rite Aid, a lot of polishes had been listed as 75% off. When I got to the one by school, I found a lot of them had been wiped from the shelves. BUT I managed to snag two Sally Hansen HD polishes for $1.55 each and I was very happy with that.

Originally, I noticed the polishes were wayyyyy too sheer to be on their own. But when I layered Byte, which looked like nothing more than a pretty pink polish, I was nearly knocked off my chair.

Holy guacamole, Byte is a duochrome! 
Upon closer examination of the bottle, I noticed some blue microshimmer hiding amongst all that glitter.

Look at that color shift! Ahh, I LOVED it. The only downside was the noticeable tip wear after a day, but for such a gorgeous duochrome effect, I'll repaint if I have to!

You can purchase any of these HD shades by Sally Hansen at your local drug store, such as CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.

So what do you think, ladies? Worth the $1.55?

And stay tuned for the first post of March Madness!

Princess Polish