Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Mani Day 2: Polka Dots + A Contest

Here is Part 2 of my Easter nails for the week. I'm trying to do a different color as a base each day. Yesterday was blue and today is green!

I apologize in advance for the photo not being of the same quality you're used to in recent months. My parents took my sister on Spring Break to DC (lucky her, mine was last month) and that means my dad's fancy DSLR camera went with him. Unfortunately, my purple and pink manis are still on the camera. Oops!

So here is the last one I did, using Revlon Minted:

It was actually much easier to do than the Gradient Dots. I did a first layer of different-sized dots in white. Then I used Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Borghese Incantato Purple, Borghese Romanzo Pink, and a mixture of half Sally Hansen White On and half NYC Water Street Blue in slightly smaller dots over each white one for the outlined effect. It really didn't even take that long at all!

Hope you liked this one! And remember to email me your pictures of your Easter manicure before Friday at 8pm EST! Top 5 will be posted on Saturday and win prizes!

Princess Polish

March Madness Top 32: West Division

Here is the West division! Get to voting and remember, you'll have a chance to win the top polish after March Madness is over. So be sure to campaign for your favorites!

Game 1:

Image Credit: Mylucidbubble.blogspot.com and VampyVarnish.com