Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 1: Zoya Crystal

I purchased Zoya Crystal last fall and didn't get the chance to wear it for the first time until February. But thanks to you awesome readers, I'm now rocking Crystal on campus and getting tons of compliments.

Zoya Crystal is an amazingly gorgeous ice blue color that applies like butter. It has flecks of silver and gold glitter all throughout the polish. It really looks naturally speckled, not even like glitter is suspended in it at all.

Close up, you can see that Crystal's base color looks very similar to Noel, a shade you'll see as soon as my Halloween package comes in the mail.

It really is the perfect color as we move into winter. Can you believe there's actually snow on the ground at my campus?

Alright, readers... it's up to you again! Let's go with my favorite color of all this time: purple! Zoya Nimue, Zoya Meeka, Zoya Petra, and Zoya Jem are your choices. (I'm saving the more glittery purples for a different theme). Get to voting.