Monday, July 9, 2012

Zoya Audrey

Happy Monday!

This morning, I'm starting off with freshly painted nails for a casual look. And what better for a casual look than Zoya Audrey from the LE Peter Som Collection?

Zoya Audrey is a milky pale pink jelly nail polish that built up perfectly in three coats. You can see from the bottle just how MUCH I use this color. In fact, I use it SO often that I have a backup!

First of all, this is the perfect polish for the "your nails but better" look. Second of all, if you have gel nails and you're a LITTLE far between fills, three coats of this will hide it. It's definitely a perfect shade to own for that!

Are you into the bare nails trend? Or do you only use nude shades for French manicures?

Until tomorrow!
Princess Polish

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