Wednesday, June 20, 2012

July Julep Maven Boxes Reveal and a CRAZY Deal

This month, Julep is featuring a combination of cremes, pearls, shimmers, and sparkles in their boxes, with four out of the five also featuring a duo of nail polishes with a matching lip vernis.

But the biggest surprise of all was shared earlier in the week on my Facebook page with the news that Julep would be including one of the following glitters (depending on your shipping address) in ALL Maven Boxes!


And of course, Princess Polish is bringing you the deal! If you click HERE and enter the code COLOR2012 to sign up, you will receive one of the two glitters above (retails for $14) PLUS one of the Maven boxes (that retails for around $42) for A PENNY! Seriously, $56 worth of products for $.01 and that's not including the bonus freebies Julep always includes.

You can also cancel at any time, meaning you don't have to continue after your July box arrives and pay any more than the penny.

So take a look at the following boxes:

This is my box! I'm not a fan of the nude colors, so I'm probably going to switch. It will be my first time switching a box.

I'm on the fence about which box I'm going to pick instead, but I'm really leaning towards Bombshell because of my love of purple. Although...

I don't think I own any shades similar to Daphne, though I'm not sure I really am in love with Mila or Kate. Kate is the common denominator between It Girl and Bombshell. Downside... no lip vernis. And yet...

I also like Classic with a Twist. I think my main attraction is to Freida. But I'm not sold on Audrey (which will likely be sheer) and can't see myself ever wear Camellia on my lips.

I'm REALLY thinking about Bombshell. Which box would/will you pick?

Princess Polish


  1. As a heads up- unless they changed it, Julep said on their page that new people won't get the July box (they get an intro box), and they won't receive the holiday polish. They can opt to buy it after the fact (box and the polish seperately), using free shipping and the maven 20% discount. Which is way lame. They would totally now have me signed up IF they allowed me to get this box.

    Personally, I'd get It Girl! I loveeee me some multi glitters and the aqua/tiffany blue family of colors- and I don't care about the lip gloss. But I think you should get Bombshell :)

    1. Wow, that's good to know. Half the reason I was looking into this is cos those glitters are so smexy.

  2. I am in love with most of the polishes this month! I think I'm also leaning towards It Girl! But it's really hard to decide! Luckily for me, my mom and I we both get a boxes and I just won a giveaway. Can't wait to test them out!


  3. I'm getting it girl and adding the lip vernis Poppy as an extra for $4.99 :) Great boxes this month.

    Love your blog, now a follower!

  4. Damn, I just signed up and got the box for a penny, but I only did it to get the glitter, now I am not getting it? that makes me sad.

  5. I dunno for sure but from what they said yesterday, you'll be getting an 'intro' box. I'm off to find out for sure... I REALLY love the IT Girl box and will absolutely sign up to get that... I may sign up anyways, and just pay the normal price for it after the fact!

  6. this is the second time today I have seen this promo with julep polish.. i think im a little confused... so is it like a magazine subscription.. where they auto send you a box each month then withdraw from your bank account???

    I just discovered your blog today and I love it!!! I am your newest follower!!!

  7. Damn, I signed up to get the promo polishes. But to answer the question of this post - Boho Glam. Those are my colors!

  8. Came back to say that Julep is sending the intro box and I'm set to receive the July box w/promo polish. Yay! :)

  9. Hah, I came back to say the same thing! I was advised by some awesome ladies that if you contact Julep, you can make July your first payment month instead of it waiting until August (so you can't get this box for FREE, but you can still get it!). I emailed them and they responded back in *no joke* 5 minutes. So I have It Girl headed my way! I'm also going to add-on Chelsea... go go glitter bombs!

  10. I also got It Girl, which is my normal month but I liked the colors and wasnt interested in the lip glosses. And I added on O Canada - cannot wait for this box!!