Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Holo: a-England Lady of the Lake and Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst

Good morning, everyone! I'm bringing back Hump Day Holo with a special combination that I have come to adore!

I combined a-England Lady of the Lake with Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst to create a stunning, funky purple French manicure that I'm in love with.

Check it out:

I LOVED this combination of the pearl duochrome that is SH Lapis Amethyst and the bright holo pop of a-England Lady of the Lake. This was actually pretty easy to accomplish too! 

I apologize for the bubbles on my index finger... didn't realize my top coat had gotten to that point until it was too late!

Blurred sparkle shot!

So what do you think about this combo? Do you adore it as much as I do?

Princess Polish

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