Saturday, April 20, 2013

Swatch and Review: OPI You're Such a Budapest

Happy weekend, my friends! I was in a bit of a purple mood today, so I thought I'd show you the beautiful periwinkle from the OPI Euro Centrale Collection: You're Such a Budapest!

OPI You're Such a Budapest is a periwinkle creme with subtle silver shimmer. The above is with two coats.

The formula was fairly watery, but it applied well anyway. However, you can't see any of the silver shimmer. Like, at all.

So while this made a pretty purple, it didn't have the pop or uniqueness I was really looking for.

What's your opinion of You're Such a Budapest?


  1. How would you say this compares to Zoya Julie?

    1. I would say that Julie is a much pinkier purple that is more of a lilac shade. You're Such a Budapest is definitely bluer, more of a periwinkle. The shimmer in YSAB is also pretty much unnoticeable, where as you can easily see the silver sparkle of Julie in virtually any light.

      Hope that helps!