Sunday, February 17, 2013

Swatch & Review: a-England Elaine

Hello, lovelies! I'm still recovering from coming home at 1:30am from the Maroon 5 concert last night. I hope everyone enjoyed my Instagram feed. I was, at many points, only a foot away from Adam, so you can imagine the level of recovery I require today!

Well, that and the fact the speakers were right under his feet/the stage, so I think I had some major temporary hearing loss. But it has come back!

Truthfully, now that the sequin nail art from yesterday is off of my nails and has stopped snagging on EVERYTHING, I'm also rather happy! Hehe.

Today, I'm bringing you a much simpler manicure: a-England Elaine! I purchased this as part of the a-England deals last month, also picking up Dragon, Ophelia, and Princess Tears.

 a-England Elaine is a gorgeous smoky violet creme. It went on like a dream, smooth and even as butter in just two coats. I LOVE how it looks against my skin tone.

Just... to die for!

I own a ton of the holo shades from the lovely Adina over at a-England, but I'm so glad I came over to the creme side of things. Not disappointed in the slightest!

Are you on board with a-England? What's your fave?

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  1. I am new to a-england but i really stocked up at the thank you sale. Eight beauties added to my collection including elaine :). So far ive only worn princess tears and she walks in beauty but im in love.