Saturday, September 15, 2012

The 411 on Coterie

Good afternoon, everyone! A lot of people have been asking me about this new site launching in a few days, Monday to be precise, called Coterie. Well, I have done some investigating and have not only gotten a ton of information, but have also gotten you a special VIP code!

When you first log into Coterie, this is what you're going to see: The Events. Most recently, for Early Influencers and VIPS, there was a butter LONDON deal going on where you got to pick three fall colors (out of Bluey, West End Wonderland, Wallis, All Hail the Queen, Pillar Box Red, and Knackered) and get a matte top coat for $36. That works out to just $9 per butter London! But I'll get to my first order in just a little bit...

This is how the My Vanity page looks at the moment. It's still under construction, but it will allow Coterie to keep you update on products available that fit your likes and needs. Also, it will allow expedited ordering for your essential items. That's a pretty cool feature.

The inspiration page is a blog, showing you cool products and promotions that are coming soon. It also provides fun photos and beauty trends to help, well, inspire you!

And now, for my butter LONDON order!

I placed my order on September 12th. It arrived to me on September 14th. From California. I live in Jersey. AMAZING.

This is how it came in the box. I'm a sucker for colored tissue paper and black made me feel like a VIP. I can't explain it. Perhaps, I'm weird that way.

Here you can see how well they packed the bottles inside of the wrap. They were individually wrapped then wrapped into a neat package. I wish more companies would learn from this!

And finally, here were my four new polish babies. All safe and sound. West End Wonderland, Bluey, All Hail the Queen, and Matte Finish (my first ever matte top coat) in all of their glory.

So are you ready for the VIP deal? I thought so.

For the next two days, you can sign up for Coterie and become a VIP. Instantly, you will receive a $25 credit AND FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! No more cringing at how shipping adds up. No more buying a product and wanting to cry at how you saved nothing once shipping was factored in. None. Of. It.

AND if you decide you want to return an item, already packed into your box is a return label. So you'll never have shipping and handling deducted from your refund!

Plus, the "concierge" is tops. Customer service line M-F, as well as instant online chat help.

Click here to sign up for VIP status, using the Access Code: OBSESSED-VIP. When you are ready to check out at the next sale, use VIPMEMBER at check-out!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Where does the access code go on the site? I signed up but there was no place to enter it.