Monday, June 25, 2012

Swatch and Review: Maisie Shine Aquarium

Hope everyone had a great weekend and didn't get as sunburned as I did. BLECH.

My dad and I went fishing on the family boat for the first time this year and had a great time. So I thought it would be appropriate to post swatches of a polish that matched our fun: Maisie Shine Aquarium.

Maisie Shine Aquarium is a glitter bomb of tea, silver, green, red, and iridescent hexes, dots, and shards suspended in a cool marine blue base.

Because it reminded me so much of the ocean, I wanted to make sure it had as much depth as the sparkling sea. So I layered if over Nfu Oh 61 and here is the end result!

I wore this polish all weekend long and LOVED it. The only drawback to the shade is that while it is 3-free, it has a very strong smell. Even after it dried on my nails, I couldn't keep my hands near my face for 24 hours until the odor went away. It is perfectly fine now though.

You can check out Maisie Shine on Etsy, where it retails for $9 a bottle!

What do you think of this glitter bomb?


  1. This is absolutely stunning! Shame about the smell though :(

  2. I haven't purchased an indy, but I might this ones, its gorgeous.

  3. That looks so pretty! I can see why you kept that one for a few days. I know I would!