Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Mani Day 5: What's New at the Zoo?

And here is the last day of the Easter manicures that I have done. Please remember to email me your pictures by 8pm EST tonight!

I wanted to go with a rainbow theme for this one, so the end result is below:
Clearly, this picture was taken pre-Dad's camera. In fact, it was done back in January and was the hit of where I work! But I still love it a LOT. One of these days, I'll re-do it and post it on my Pinterest page.

There's a panda, a frog, a pig, a hippo, and a penguin. I just wanted something with a lot of animals that was still fun, but it was still art you could wear beyond Easter and no one would know this difference.

If anyone tries to re-create this or change it up, I'd love to see it on the Facebook wall!

Have a great Friday!
Princess Polish

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