Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Mani Day 4: Funky Flower French

Welcome to day FOUR of the Easter mani series! Today's color is pink!

As it happens, the colors I picked out of my new nail polish holder were both Zoya. That seems to happen more and more often these days, though the odds are pretty high. I think I'm up to over 50 Zoyas at this point. Though, who knows?

I wound up picking out Zoya Audrey, which I find myself liking more and more with each wear. She's definitely a "my nails but better" look that I've grown to love. The best part about her is that she hides my secret shame: BAD gaps from the need for a fill! Now, I'm not in need of a fill at the moment, nor do I currently have gels. But in a pinch, the girl will help you out!

Then I used Areej for the tips, with Snow White dot flowers and Trixie for the centers! This is exactly what I wore on my birthday yesterday. It's funky, but it's a very sleek look that fits the in-between of Spring/Summer we're going through now.

You can really use any color combo for this type of french, but I thought a nude color was best for the base to tone it down a bit.

If you try this out sometime... I want to see!

Remember to email me your Easter manis for a chance to win a prize and stay tuned for more posts today!

Thanks again for all the birthday love!
Princess Polish

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