Monday, March 26, 2012

Swatch and Review: Julep St. Patrick's Day Mystery Box

Here's a little Julep to hold you over until I receive my next box. You can also receive a Julep Maven box for just $.01 using the code SHAREONMARCH here. (Full disclosure, I do get a referral credit. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can sign up at on your own.)

I know that when I got this box, I did some complaining. Many of the shades shipped out were shades that from February or March. Because of a weird clause in the agreement, I am not receiving any of the March shades because I signed up too late. So I received February for a penny and will be receiving April pretty soon. In fact, I think it ships in two or three days.  Regardless, I won't double up on those shades. I did, however, double up on Oscar. So that will be a future giveaway... I think.

I received Oscar, Sofia, Jodie, and a basecoat, as well as Hand Brightener, Glycolic Hand Scrub, a glass nail file, and some chocolate! Unfortunately, the chocolate had melted. But hey... it was just Valentine's Day. I have more than enough. (And God knows, I don't need any more!)

First up is Sofia:

While the name and spelling instantly make me think of Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family), the color itself is not exactly reminiscent of the actress. A translucent spring green with mint sparkle, Sofia is definitely a color that needs to build up. This was with four coats and it finally became opaque. What's cool about Sofia is that she actually glows in the dark! There aren't many wearable glow-in-the-dark shades out there, so I highly recommend Sofia. She'll be on my mind for Halloween, that's for sure!

Next up is Jodie, a deep rose metallic with copper shimmer. Jodie is really pretty, though not terribly unique. I feel like I have seen this color a thousand times over at the nail salon, even though I don't already own one. Out of the two, I think Sofia is much more unique and impressive, but I will be keeping Jodie nonetheless.

Though I was a little disappointed in my mystery box, I am very excited for April's box! Remember, you can get the box for $.01 (including shipping) and can be canceled at any time. Other than free, you can't beat two/three nail polishes for a penny!

All polishes are 4-free and available at for $14. Julep will soon be available at Sephora, as well!

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  1. I signed up using your link so hopefully you'll get the credit for it :)

    1. I did, thanks so much, Heidi! What profile did you wind up with?!?!