Friday, January 2, 2015

Swatch and Review: L'Oreal Masked Affair

TGIF! And in honor of the weekend, I have a VERY exciting swatch to share with you today. It appears that there is now officially a linear holographic polish that is available at drug stores and other national retailers!

And it comes from a very surprising source: L'Oreal!

Masked Affair was released as part of the Dark Sides of Grey Colour Riche collection, which I assume is in honor of the novel "50 Shades of Gray." But whatever the reason, I am incredibly excited that they did!

L'Oreal 701 Masked Affair is a silver linear holo with pinkish undertones.  I used three coats to achieve full opacity, but this dried INCREDIBLY quickly. I honestly could have gone about my day after fifteen minutes and not even remotely dinged it up.

The above photo was taken indoors without a top coat. Please continue to scroll for more indoor photos, a photo with top coat, and an outdoor shot.

This is also indoors without a top coat. I found that in person, the polish was a little dull without a top coat, so I threw one on and I think it really made a difference.

Indoors with top coat! Can you see the difference?

And last, but certainly not least, here is the outdoor sparkle shot with top coat!

If I had to make a comparison, I'd say Masked Affair is very reminiscent of a-England Princess Tears. Let me know if you want me to do a comparison, as I do own that polish too!

L'Oreal Masked Affair is currently at CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, and any other location at which L'Oreal products are soled. The MSRP is $5.99, but I snatched this up at Harmons for $4.99 with a Harmons L'Oreal Colour Riche coupon plus another 20% off when I used a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon for a final price of $3.99!

Even if you do pay full price for the bottle at 5.99, I still think that's a bargain in comparison to all of the other holos out there. At the very least, indie brands charge anywhere from $8 to $20 a bottle before shipping. With Masked Affair, you can drive out to your local store and have it in your hands today.

Plus, it's probably really good for frankening up some polishes, too!

I'm not sure if this is part of the permanent collection or limited edition, so snatch this up while you can!

Alright, everyone! Tell me... are you as crazy excited for this polish as I am?


  1. I love it, guess I will be making a trip to the store.

  2. So pretty! I will definitely be checking this out! Now, if only my nails would stop peeling/breaking. :( I think it's the cold/dry weather.

  3. thanks for this! ill go check it out if they have got it here! (sweden)

  4. I bought it yesterday, and it is on my nails now. I absolutely LOVE it! I need a backup! This particular color, with gray/pink tones, I would wear year-round. And I agree - a top coat makes it gleam even more.

  5. I just bought this today, and didn't even notice the holo in the bottle!

  6. Where is everyone finding this? I have looked everywhere and keep coming up empty

  7. I know I'm late to the party, but ... I wonder how Masked Affair compares to Color Club Fashion Addict. Do you have that one? I missed out on Masked Affair, but I have Fashion Addict and swatches online look pretty similar. Probably just wishful thinking, huh. LOL!

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