Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Bedphones

Back when I was in undergrad at Rutgers, I always shared a bedroom with a roommate. Unfortunately, I also developed the habit of always needing to watch something on my Macbook while I tried to fall asleep.

Because my roommate (my BFF and future doctor, Cynthia!) had early classes and I had afternoon ones, she'd always been fast asleep while I was settling in for the night. In order not to wake her, I'd have to wear my headphones, which were usually fairly bulky and made it hard to fall asleep. Earbuds always hurt me to wear, so I couldn't wear those either.

Not to mention, it was EXTREMELY stupid and dangerous because I could have choked myself in the middle of the night. I can't tell you how many times I woke up with the cord wrapped around my neck.

My old headphones were also bad for working out because they never stayed on and always were bulky to travel in a car or plane with.

Enter: Bedphones.

Bedphones are billed as the thinnest, most comfortable earphones for sleeping, air travel, workouts, and running.

Here is the convenient little case they come in, along with a sleep mask for anyone traveling!

As you can see here, the foam piece that holds the speaker is VERY thin. They're only 1/4" thick and foam-covered.

The earhooks are also made of rubber-coated wire so that they can be adjusted to anyone's ear. You can wear Bedphones with the cable hanging in front or over the back of your neck, to avoid a choking hazard while sleeping.

The ones that I was sent also have an inline microphone, which was perfect for use with my iPhone.


Look how insanely thin they are! I lied down in bed with these and barely even noticed they were there. They were incredibly comfortable and not cumbersome in the slightest. Because they never enter the ear canal, they're also better for your ears and great for people who suffer from tinnitus.

The cable is extra long, which is great for running or working out. They also come with two pairs of replacement foam for the ear pieces.

Overall, I am absolutely obsessed with these. I currently use Yurbuds as my main earbuds because they have a special rubber piece that funnels sound into the ear, without having to have the hard plastic pushed into my ear. However, I'm constantly losing the rubberized piece and the cable has broken twice. With my Bedphones, I'm going to retire the Yurbuds.

I can sleep with ease on the bus into class and never worry about the foam falling off. I also like that these are less damaging to my ears, considering I'm only in my mid-twenties.

Bedphones retail for $59.95, but are currently on sale for just $39.95 on Amazon. That's not much different than other earphones or buds on the lower to middle level of the marketplace, but these are far more durable and comfortable. (Don't even get me started on Beats by Dre at $200 a piece. Ugh!)

I highly recommend these to those of you who are in college, have kids/nieces and nephews/grandkids in college, travel a lot, or are just generally unhappy with your current headphones/earbuds. You won't be disappointed.

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