Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NYCC Part 2: Geekified Accessories

Happy Hump Day, everybody!

Today is Part 2 of the NY Comic Con series, featuring all of my geekified accessories that I wore over the weekend. They were actually so popular on Tumblr, Instagram, and amongst my friends in general that I've opened up my own Etsy shop. (Okay, that's the only one of my shameless plugs for this post)

First up are the shoes that I wore on Thursday for my photo op with Karl Urban, featuring his character, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, on each shoe. Of course, I had to include the USS Enterprise on the toes!

These were absolutely a labor of love. I cut little tiny shapes from my three Star Trek comics and created a gradient with all of the pieces to make a galaxy gradient. I originally had far more pictures of Bones, but then I started to lay them out on the shoe and it ruined the gradient effect. So I went simpler with a single image of Bones on each heel, plus the Enterprise.

I received so many compliments at Comic Con, but the most flattering one of course was Karl. He went insane over the shoes and took a picture with his cell phone. (Side note: his phone case is Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, which is ridiculously amazing, but I digress...) I fangirled a little harder after that.

Next up are the Sunday accessories, which include shoes, a purse, AND a wallet!

Here are my Green Arrow comic book heels, which I made for Sunday because I was taking my photo with Stephen Amell. More on that later...

But he did think they were really cool.

 And here's my Avengers wallet! I had to make sure that everyone was well represented, including Black Widow and Hawkeye, who don't nearly receive the amount of exposure they deserve. Especially Clint Barton!

We'll revisit the Avengers later in the week when we check out all the swag I brought home!

And last, but not lease... here is my Star Trek purse! One side is Kirk and the other side is Spock, with a cameo from Scotty and Bones.

Oddly enough, I only had this handbag on Sunday because I was carrying my school bag around on Thursday. Wow, was that thing heavy!

I made all of these items myself, using comic books and old purses and shoes as a canvas. It was so much fun to make my shoes and see the subjects' reactions, but woah, was I full of glue!

What do you guys think of all my accessories?

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