Friday, June 20, 2014

Come Clean All Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

Today, I'm featuring the Come Clean All Natural Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar!

As many of you know, I have three Labrador Retrievers. Because I have a chocolate, yellow, and black lab, I call them my collector's set! My chocolate lab's named Dakota and she's 7, Pebbles is the black lab and she's 2 1/2, and Brynn is the yellow lab and she's just over a year old. They love to play outside in the yard, but unfortunately, that often leads to a bit of trouble.

Like this past weekend.

Apparently, a hose we were using to add more water to our swimming pool was leaking and had formed a small puddle on the side of the house. Needless to say, a certain puppy named Brynn found it and went digging, apparently.

Of course, Pebbles decided she had to join in.

Dakota was more concerned with getting into the swimming pool.

So as you can imagine, with these three, I'm always holding bath day on warm weather weekends.

I was excited to try out the Come Clean Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar as it's all natural and both Brynn and Dakota have some allergy issues, as do I. The scent that I received was Lavender Coconut, which has moisturizing properties.

Also, as you can see, there's a cute little dog figurine in the middle of the bar. Please note, this is meant for humans to play with and collect, not dogs!

So the furkids and I got to work. Or rather, I got to scrub and they got to sit there and enjoy!

I got their fur wet first with a little spray of the hose to make sure that they'd get plenty of suds, especially considering how dirty they were and the fact that I planned to use the bar of soap directly on their fur.

If you look at Pebbles's back, you can see how easily the Come Clean Shampoo Bar worked a nice lather into her fur. And she's quite happy because it felt like a mini-massage.

And here, you can see that the shampoo was incredibly effective in getting the muddy dogs, aka Pebbles and Brynn, exceptionally clean.

Pebbles and Dakota loved the bar because it was sort of like a mini massage for them. Brynn is not a fan of baths in general, so there was quite a bit of chasing involved.  But once I got her to stay still, she was very happy.

Overall, I thought the Come Clean Shampoo Bar was highly effective in getting my dogs cleaned. The Coconut Lavender smell was amazing and stuck with the girls a few days later, which any dog owner can tell you is a rarity. 

There were, however, a few downsides to the bar. 

The first is that when I wasn't scrubbing their back or belly, it was hard to handle. The girls' legs and sides were hard because the bar was slippery and the shape was hard to hold onto. If there were some grooves or a shape that wasn't a rounded rectangle, it might have been easier to handle.

Also, my labs are heavy shedders, so their hair got ALL OVER the bar and stuck. I had to rinse it off after the girls' bath time was over and it felt like I was wasting soap. So I think this bar is best for small to medium sized breeds and lighter shedders or non-shedding dogs.

Still, this Come Clean Shampoo Bar was definitely effective in getting the dogs clean and a little bit went an exceptionally long way.

For $12 on the product's Etsy page, this makes a great novelty gift for any dog owner and is an excellent all-natural alternative for owners of small to medium, light or non-shedding breeds.

The Come Clean All Natural Shampoo Bar comes in four different scents and is handmade in New York.

For more information, you can visit the Come Clean website and Etsy Product Page!

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