Friday, March 7, 2014

Swatch and Review: Milani Nail Lacquer for 2014 Part 1

Happy Friday, everybody! Phew! I thought this week would never end, but alas, it's here!

Today I have for you the first of four parts of Milani's 2014 collection!

Please note, ALL swatches are with two coats.

First up is Canyon Country, a burnt orange creme. I'm not really a fan of the oranges, but this one isn't as yellow-toned as much so I think it's one that I can definitely pull off. It won't made your skin look sallow at all.

Cupid's Touch is a carnation pink shade that totally reminds me of Barbie. It's less orchid in person, though no less beautiful.

Iced Mango is my other favorite. So much so, that this beautiful rich crimson with red shimmer was what I wore on Valentine's Day.

Mauve Medley is a brick red creme polish. It has a beautiful luster and is a very rich shade.

Heather is a dusty plum creme polish that I really loved. Great for fingers or toes, especially this time of year, and still spring appropriate. We've seen similar colors in the Zoya Naturel collection (swatches coming in the next week or so) and the OPI Miss Universe Collections, but this one won't break the bank.

Peach Innocence is a peach creme polish. I know, shocking with that name, right? Haha.

It has nice shine to it, but the shade just isn't for me. It makes my skin look yellow and just reminds me of a color my grandmother would pick out. On the subject of which, I guarantee she "borrows" this from me the next time she comes over.

Here's Mulberry Sugar, a beautiful rich plum with silver and red sparkle, plus a flash of blue. I really loved this color. It's on the mauvey-side of brown, but still clearly plum, and has some nice pop to it. This was one of my two favorites.

Please excuse the fact that my nails are squared off here and for the remaining two swatches. I swatched them on a different day after finally being able file them to my natural shape while they were growing back out.

Vanilla Almond is a nude creme that borders on camel. It's a nice shade, very good for those of you who have to wear neutrals to work. Definitely worth picking up.

This one's called White. Which is, well. White!

It wasn't too streaky, didn't take too long to dry, and will be a really good base for any of my nail art. 

These new Milani shades for 2014 are currently available for $3.99 at CVS and

Overall, I found that this collection was mostly hits. I could live without White, even though it will come in handy, because I have plenty of whites already. Peach Innocence also wasn't really my thing, but that's because it didn't look good with my skin tone.

The big hits for me were Iced Mango and Mulberry Sugar, but with my love of sparkle, did you really expect any less?

What were your hits and misses?

Disclaimer: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. For more information please visit my Disclaimer page.  


  1. These are just so pretty! I saw my first display the other day, and it was hard to walk out with JUST one! :)

  2. Beautiful polishes...and your nails look great!!

  3. I already have a go to white but i'm always on the hunt for another. i may pick White up if I see it in stores.

  4. Amazing swatches girl! I love these!