Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zoya Jewel Tone Circus Dots

Hello again, everyone! Today I'm bringing you some nail art using the Zoya Fall 2013 Collection!

When they first came in the mail, the two that stood out immediately to me were Mason, a metallic magenta, and Giovanna, a metallic teal.

As I was swatching Flynn, a caramel creme shade, I thought about how nice of a contrast there was between the brown and the jewel tones.

Here is the end result and it is one of my favorite color combinations to date!

The contrast between the jewel tones and the neutral is definitely highlighted in the sun. I loved rocking this combo!

More sparkle!

What do you think of this color and design combo? I'm in such a polka dot mood lately!


  1. What a great combo! Having the bright jewel-tones against the neutral base totally makes them pop! :)

    ~ Yun

  2. That's an unexpected combo, but I like it!!!