Friday, July 19, 2013

Swatch and Review: Zoya Irresistible Day 2 - Hazel

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I have for you the second shade in the Zoya Irresistible Collection...

Zoya Hazel!

Zoya Hazel is a blue-green foil metallic, with ice blue and olive green undertones. The above is with two coats.

Hazel is definitely a cousin of Crystal and Fei Fei. It's pretty close to Fei Fei, but I think she's a little more golden than olive. Crystal is icier, with silver glitter in there.

So what do you think of Hazel? If you already own Crystal and/or Fei Fei, would you pick her up?

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  1. yeah this definitely looks very close to Crystal but i love the other shades in the Irresistible collex.

  2. So pretty! I love Hazel & Feifei! I did a comp and surprisingly they are more different than I thought!

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  4. Very pretty swatch. You can see all of the detail! I agree completely with your comparisons to Crystal and Fei Fei!

  5. I really love Hazel...such a gorgeous shade! I have Fei Fei and Crystal too, and I welcome all three into my collection! =)

  6. Beautiful swatch! This one is simply gorg! :)