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Pawalla June Box Review

Happy weekend, everyone!

Sticking with the dog-related theme over the past week, I thought it was only appropriate to post my first Pawalla review.

Pawalla is a pet subscription box that consists of all-natural or organic boutique pet brands. They offer two different sized boxes for both dogs and cats: the deluxe ($30) and the mini ($20). Both ship for free. Aside from receiving 3 more items in the deluxe box, you also receive premium wet food. So if you don't use wet food for your pet, the mini is perfect for you.

The great thing about Pawalla is that you fill out a pet profile about the lucky dog or cat receiving the Pawalla box so their Pet Nutritionist can select the foods, treats, and supplements that are best for them. Also, anything you receive in your Pawalla box can be purchased on the shop along, with tons of related products from the same boutique brands they trust.

The deluxe box I received for review was specially selected for Dakota, a six-year old chocolate labrador retriever.

Here is how the box looks when it arrives. It's so cute!

I love how everything was compartmentalized within the box. Everything had its nice little home! The letter on top describes what you've received and talks about the Pawalla program.

Dakota was clearly excited to break open her new goodies!

The first item is the 12-pack of PushClean Pet Towelettes, which retails for $9.999.

These are natural pet grooming wipes that are made from bamboo and you can take them anywhere to wipe your pet's dirty paws, bottom, or face. They are 100% biodegradable and do not contain any synthetic fibers. Inside the slender portable tube are 12 small button-like and individually wrapped loose-woven wipes that fit into the palm of your hand. I keep them in my purse!

Next up are the Smart n' Tasty Duck and Blueberry treats! They retail for $7.99.

They’re made with 70% duck meat and are grain, gluten, soy and dairy free. And BONUSL they’re made in the U.S.A. with all US sourced ingredients.

Dakota's favorite fruit is blueberry, so she obviously scarfed these down!

There were two cans of wet food in this box.

The first is Evanger's Organic Cooked Chicken, retailing for $28.99 for 12 cans/$2.42 per can. The food consists of whole dressed organic chicken simmered in natural well water and is Grain-Free and Gluten-Free.

The second is Nutrisca Turkey and Chickpea Stew, which retails for $30 for 12 cans/$2.50 per can. The stew is a grain free, potato free, and tapioca free canned food with turkey as the #1 ingredient. Antioxidant-rich ingredients include peas, chickpeas, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and spinach. It contains menhaden fish oil (source of DHA) for skin and coat health, as well as brain and vision development in puppies.

Dakota is a bit of a primadonna when it comes to her food. She doesn't like plain kibble, so we always are switching it up. Sometimes wet food, sometimes shredded cheese, sometimes cottage cheese. And let me tell you, she LOVED both of these! As in... the fastest I have seen her eat her food in a long time. I'm thrilled that she enjoyed something that was good for her, far better than cottage cheese! ;-)

Next up are Wigzi Stuff n' Crunch Peanut Butter treats, retailing for $5.99. They're all-natural, tasty treats and made from lots of real peanut butter. Doesn't get any simpler or tastier than that.

And Dakota agrees... they were finished in a week!

Last up is the lone toy in the box, the Fetch and Glow Jr. It retail for $5.99.

I like that it's a tougher ball that I can use to play fetch with Dakota and its bright coloring makes it easy to find anywhere in the house.

A closeup of the Pawalla welcome letter!

I also received the YoPup Happy Belly Dog Treats (retail: $5.99), but unfortunately, Dakota ripped that out of the box and ran around the house playing keepaway. By the time I retrieved the treats, they required a ziploc bag. I'm guessing they were here favorite!

Overall, I thought this product gave me pretty decent value. It costs $30 for the deluxe box and the total products retailed for around $41. Other boxes I've tried have had higher values for a lower price point, but it's still worth more than it would cost as a subscription box.

I'll admit I was a bit disappointed that only one toy came in the box. I'm all for dog treats and food, but that's gone pretty quickly. In other boxes, I have received multiple toys or, at the least, durable chews that take a while for Dakota to get through. That was the only real downside to the box.

The treats have been a big hit with both Dakota and our new puppy, Brynn... and the wet food was a nice change for Dakota, as well. I would recommend this box overall.

Pawalla boxes (the deluxe for $30 or mini for $20) can be purchased at For more information on how the boxes work, check out their How It Works page and their Facebook page!

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