Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Swatch and Review: Ruby Wing

Good day, all! I was sent these polishes from Ruby Wing and with the weather here in NYC turning warm and sunny, the time to test them out finally arrived.

Two of the shades are from the Spring Garden Collection, which is scented, and two are from the core collection!

First up are the scented shades!

Here's Cut Grass, which smells like... guess what? Cut grass! It starts out as a light moss indoors...

Shifts to dark moss...

And finally, a dark pine green!

I applied two coats of Cut Grass and the formula was great. It changed very quickly once I stepped outside. Literally, in thirty seconds, it went from light to dark. Impressive!

The scent is certainly grassy, but it's not super intense. This is smack in the middle of allergy season for me and I was afraid it'd be too overwhelming. But it wasn't too strong for me.

 The next one is Sunflower, which smells like the flower it's named for. It starts out as a light gold glitter...

And then shifts to a copper glitter. Again, the formula was great and it shifted very quickly.

The scent is more intense than Cut Grass. It lingered on my hands even after I took it off. If you're sensitive to floral scents, I'd recommend staying away from this.

This one's called Fate and it's a rich dark lavender to start.

It darkens to royal purple...

And ends up plum! 

The last of the four shades is called Wild Flower. It starts out as a neon orange with a hint of iridescent shimmer...

To a macaroni and cheese orange...

To sunset orange...

And finally, a burnt orange! I used three coats to get this one opaque. It was a little streaky after two coats, but the third smoothed it out nicely.

Of course, I had to do some nail art with the Ruby Wing shades just to see how it would change color outside!

How awesome is that?

Overall, these polishes are AWESOME. They change color really quickly outside and are great for both kids and adults. Queen Polish is already claiming Fate for her next pedicure! I highly recommend the Ruby Wing line!

Ruby Wing shades are available at Ruby Wing's website for $10 or at any Urban Outfitters location for $10, as well. I know it's a little on the pricier side, but it is a lot more unique than a lot of the other comparably priced polishes.

So what do you think of Ruby Wing's polishes?

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