Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Floral Nails

Happy Hump Day! The week is halfway over... don't stress yourself too much!

Today's manicure is actually my birthday nails. I painted them late Wednesday night and am still wearing them. Seriously. I LOVE them!

I never had the confidence to try the shabby-chic floral look. But after seeing a manicure from The Crumpet, I changed my mind and took a stab at it. (Also, after failing miserable in trying to do a water marble featuring Cult Nails Time Traveler, which left my hands stained navy blue for a night after it went terribly wrong. Oops.)

For this look, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away as a base. Zoya Areej and Zoya Pippa for the flowers, Zoya Gei Gei for the detail over Areej, Essence Wake Up for the detail over Pippa, and then Zoya Neely for the leaves and dots!

Overall, I REALLY loved how this turned out. People have been stopping me in the street, the hallway, and at Starbucks to check them out! Also, faculty members at my law school have completely ignored what I was staying because they were staring at my nails... what can I say? I gesture a lot. Hehe.

I'm hoping to come up with a tutorial in the near future to show how surprisingly easy this turned out to be!

So what do you think of my birthday floral?!?