Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swatch and Review: Lush Lacquer Ticklish Teal

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay in coming back. I think I just needed the time off post-vacation to relax and get in a good state of mind, even once I was over being sick. Law school is VERY taxing mentally and emotionally, so I think I just needed the break.

But I'm back now... and with lots of fun things to share!

Today's polish is one I bought as part of Llarowe's Scratch and Dent Grab Bags: Lush Lacquer Ticklish Teal!

Ticklish Teal is a black jelly base filled with all different sizes of black and teal hex glitter, as well as teal bar glitter. The above picture is with three coats and one layer of top coat.

This color was very pretty and the base built up better outside of my light box. That being said, I probably would have had better results if I used a black base polish, but I was afraid of losing the awesome black hex glitter if I did.

The application wasn't gloopy and there was definitely a ton of glitter in each stroke. It was a little gritty on the nail, but not to the point where one coat of top coat couldn't handle it. However, this was REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY hard to get off. I'm talking about three separate foil wraps AND a soak in some remover. It took me about a full hour to get it off. I was contemplating using this as a base for a striping tape mani and am really glad I reconsidered.

So what do you ladies think? Is this one worth all of the removal trouble?

Until next time!

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  1. This is really pretty! But all that removal trouble sort of kills the fun, doesn't it? Gorgeous swatch, though! =)