Friday, December 14, 2012

Swatch and Review: R. Hobby Cosmetics Holiday Collection

Happy Friday, everyone! We're less than two weeks away from Christmas and a break from work, school, or just life in general! For those of you suffering through final exams, like I am, I sincerely feel for you and wish you all the best of luck! And Happy Chanukah to all of my fellow Jewish followers... sorry it took six nights to get that out to you all!

Today, I have two beautiful polishes to share with you from R.Hobby Cosmetic's Holiday Collection: Christmas Shatter and 5 Golden Rings. R.Hobby is an awesome indie brand you may remember from my review of Rachel's fall collection!

First up is 5 Golden Rings, a delicate gold flake polish. It's actually opaque, as you can see, on the nail in three coats and was super easy to apply. I loved how the flakes are in completely varying sizes and gives a really delicate look. It's super pretty, super girly and I loved it. It would also look gorgeous with one or two coats over a white, black, blue, purple, green, or red polish!

My favorite of the two is Peppermint Shatter, a glitter top coat of red and white shards with fine red and white glitter. Oh my God! Does this NOT look like you smashed up a candy cane and sprinkled it on your nails? I know!

This is super unique and I adore it! The above is with two coats over Zoya Holly and the application was perfect.

Overall, I am in love with both of these. 5 Golden Rings for its delicateness, Peppermint Shatter for its big pop of color! Either would be great to wear to Christmas dinner and 5GR could be worn year round for a dainty look! Plus... who doesn't love a little nail polish as a stocking stuffer

Polishes from R. Hobby Cosmetics are available through its Etsy Store for $8 per 15mL bottle. I highly recommend taking a look at Rachel's other shades, as they're all stellar. You can also follow R. Hobby Cosmetics on Facebook!

Are you as in love with these as I am?
Princess Polish

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