Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Fall Gradient/Ombre

TGIF, everyone! WOO! I'm headed on a cruise for the weekend (literally, to nowhere), so I'll be MIA through Sunday. But I hope you all are excited for two days off!

The final task of the challenge was the Fall Gradient/Ombre nails! I wanted to do something a little less traditional, so I went searching through my polish drawers and was inspired by my various Zoya reds and purples.

I decided to do almost a fish scale gradient using Zoya Julianne, Jem, Sarah, and Reva. Reva is the base color and Julianne is the the tip. Originally, I had used Valerie as the tip but it's so hard to distinguish it from Jem that it didn't make enough of a difference. This is the mani in sunlight.

I found it to be very interesting when seen in indoor light because Reva and Sarah blend into each other nicely and Julianne sticks out significantly more. It has a nice warm glow to it!


Would this be something you try?
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