Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doctor Who Nails: 5 Shades of TARDIS and NerdLacquer I Think You Call Me...Sexy

Hello out there, Whovians! And non-Whovians, too! With Series 7 of Doctor Who premiering tonight after a near year-long hiatus, what better way to celebrate than decking out my nails?

If you recall, I started law school roughly two weeks ago and could NOT figure out what to wear on my nails. But considering the fact that I was channeling the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) in wearing my black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops as my travel shoes (heels are too painful to walk the streets of NYC in), I thought that I needed to do SOMETHING to bring the good luck of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), as well.

It was then that I realized I had been saving a bunch of NerdLacquers, which are no longer available, for a special occasion. And this was pretty special.

So I reached for I Think You Call Me... Sexy, a rich cerulean blue with small to medium light blue, dark blue, and silver chunks of hex glitter in in. Now, it's pretty. And I can see how it reminded me of the TARDIS. But I wasn't head over heels for it enough to keep it for tonight.

So instead, this week...

I rocked Five Shades of TARDIS! I liked this one much better because it was funky for school and had a much richer finish, even as a simple ombre.

For this mani, I used (thumb to pinky) Zoya Indigo, Zoya Ibiza, the new Zoya Song, Zoya Tart, and Zoya Tallulah. Each was two coats, except for Tart and that was only because I used a third coat to really make sure there was a noticeable difference between that and Tallulah.

Overall, I'm really happy with Five Shades of TARDIS. I feel like having Zoya Song now completes my ability to do a full blue ombre from the brand. I am obsessed with it.

Also, check out a group of fellow bloggers who have also been posting their Doctor Who-inspired manicures!

So what do you Earthlings think? Are these manicures Time Lord-approved?

Feel free to check Facebook tonight to see my reaction to the premiere. We'll discuss I promise!
Princess Polish

PS: Check out what I just splurged on and bought myself last night. It's a functional Sonic Screwdriver that can be programmed as a Universal Remote Control. I'm dying inside.


  1. Hmm, I want a Doctor Who mani! I'll have to look and see how creative I can get with what I have though. :-) And I'm not that creative.

  2. I love ombre manis and I love blue - so gorgeous this mani!!

  3. So lovely! I'm a Whovian, Tennant obsessed. <3 Nice to meet you!