Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swatch and Review: SoFlaJo Pendragon

I'm REALLY excited to bring you this awesome polish today from SoFlaJo. I've had my eye on the entire collection, called Year of the Dragon, since it was first released.

The Year of the Dragon collection consists of 8 sparkling color-changing top coats made from natural pigments that are incredibly dynamic. How dynamic? Well, let's take a look...

Today, we're going to take a look at Pendragon. I happen to love the bottle because it is literally a mystery polish in that you never know what the shade is going to look like, depending on how you wear it.

Worn over naked nails, Pendragon is a beautiful polish that has a peachy-copper appearance on its own. Even by itself, you can see just how much pop the sparkle has.

The best part is that the polish applies like butter and dries smooth to the touch. There's no need to worry about thick top coats and multiple coats of them to make it smooth. And it dried pretty quickly.

Applied over black, you can really see the dynamic, duochrome nature of Pendragon. Here, it has a rosy red quality with some major scattered holo sparkle and pop!

And from this angle, you can see the shift to copper and even more sparkle!

I LOVE this color. It's plain and simple. I can wear it multiple ways, ranging from delicate to edgy. AND I can wear it all year long, depending on what I layer it over or if I layer it at all. How many other polishes can say that? Honestly, this is the polish of the year for me.

The Year of the Dragon polishes retail for $5 for a mini bottle like the one shown above and $10 for a full-sized bottle. They can be purchased via SoFlaJo's shop page or Etsy page. Jody, the wonderful mind behind SoFlaJo, has also recently released the Happy Hour and Spring Flowers Collection that are equally as stellar. So be sure to check those out, as well!

So what do you all think? Are these not total stunners? Let me know if you decide to pick up any of the SoFlaJo shades... I would LOVE to know which ones you choose!

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