Monday, April 9, 2012

Swatch and Review: L'Oreal Sweet Nothings

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

When I first saw this polish in the store, I was on the search for a base color similar to Essie Marshmallow for a french. Granted, it was two years ago and long before this blog began, also meaning my knowledge of other brands extended only as far as my local Harmons.

So I chose a L'Oreal I thought was pretty similar for about $3, rather than the price tag of Essie Marshmallow.

While the name is adorable, I only wish the polish was as nice. It's not so much the shade itself, as the application. It was streaky with three coats and no matter what I did, just would not even itself out. Not even Seche Vite could accomplish that task. I got it to look decent enough for a photo, but not to the point that I'd wear it outside.

L'Oreal is available at most drug stores, including Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS, as well as at select Target and Ulta locations. For more information, check out

So it was a polish fail. But just wait until tomorrow... when I show you how I made lemons out of lemonade with this polish. HINT: It involves a lot of glitter!

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Until later!
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  1. I bought this in a 5 pack at Ross for like $6.99. It was the only shade in the whole set that I didn't like :(

  2. I had the same exact problem with this polish. It just won't go on clean, even with three coats, a coat of Seche Vite between the 2nd and 3rd coats, and another coat of Seche Vite on top. You can still see the brush strokes. How disappointing... I also wanted to use it as a base for Funky French manis (I wanted to try tip stamping), but this is rather embarrassing. If anyone has tips to reduce the streaks I would be stoked!