Thursday, April 26, 2012

Essie Limited Edition: Cosmo's PSS Shimmer

A couple of weeks ago, Cosmopolitan magazine gave away 1500 bottles of a Limited Edition nail polish by Essie. At midnight, a group of fellow bloggers/polish addicts and I entered our information in a form and crossed our fingers that it would arrive in the mail.

Well, the mailman came on Tuesday and dropped off this beauty:

Essie Cosmo's PSS Shimmer definitely lives up to its name!

Cosmo's PSS Shimmer (say that three times fast) is a gold glitter nail polish suspended in a thick clear base.

The application of this polish was kind of on the thick side and hard to photograph because it was so jam-packed with glitter! Now don't get me wrong, I liked the fact that this was not a loud gold glitter, like Julep Oscar, but rather a delicate glitter. I just wish it wasn't as gloppy on the nail. It took four coats to be opaque and I recommend waiting until the previous coat is completely dry before proceeding. It would have saved me a headache.

So what do you think everyone? Is Essie Cosmo's PSS Shimmer a shade you'd rock?

Until tomorrow!
Princess Polish


  1. Love it! I just got one in the mail the other day. I thought it would be pretty as a top coat like one of the luxeffects since it is so sheer.

  2. I entered my info, I wonder if I'll get one...

  3. It's a relabel of Golden Nuggets.