Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Madness Top 64: The Midwest Division

Sorry for the delay, everyone. There was a glitch in the polling site. But now we're back… and bringing the battle to the Midwest for March Madness! Remember, you can still vote for the East, South, and West!

Game 1:

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Game 2:

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Game 3:

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Game 4:

Image Credit: The Polishaholic and

Game 5:

Image Credit: and Vampy Varnish

Game 6:

Image Credit: Temptalia and All Lacquered Up

Game 7:

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Game 8:

Image Credit: and Vampy Varnish

Remember... which ever polish comes out on top is the polish you have a chance to win. So vote for your faves!

Princess Polish

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