Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 27: Zoya America

For Day 27 and Day 28, we're going to do something a little special and feature two lovely ladies I have become friends with in the blogosphere. Don't worry, for 29 and 30, we'll go back to our regular programming and there will still be a question to answer that will count as a vote.

Today, the lovely lady behind The Nail Files will be our guest editor. And so, I turn the blog over to her...
When I was asked to write a guest post for Princess Polish's "30 Days of Zoya," the first color that popped into my head was America (La Di Di Collection, summer 2009)! This is my all time favorite Zoya and I don't think she gets enough credit. We all know Carmen (currently in Time Square) was Zoya's first color and Sooki is "everyone's favorite".. blah blah blah.. America is amazing and needs more love!!
America is best described on the Zoya website as, "Bright, bold, medium retro tomato-red creme. This unique red screams retro pin-up girl glamour."
I'm very hesitant to try/buy red polish. I have a cool and very light skintone, therefore most reds looks horrible on me (at least I think).. but America is wonderful! Aside from the gorgeous red color, the formula is phenomenal. It took nearly one (yes, ONE) coat for full opacity, but I used two just to be safe.

America is hands down my favorite Zoya! The formula is AWESOME and the bright red is so eye catching, you and your nails will surely get noticed!

So do you agree, ladies? Is America your favorite Zoya red? If not, comment with what is!


  1. i must say i have over looked america for sooki but i reaaly do like it!!! ty

  2. I don't have America. She is pretty. I have on Kimmy though.

  3. For bright reds I love Sooki, but my favorite Zoya red is actually Quinn.

  4. I put on Zoya's Gwenneth last night on my toes and I absolutely love it!

  5. My favorite BRIGHT red is Sooki. It looks awesome on my white, white skin. My favorite all time Zoya red is Sarah. :)

  6. Can you do a color comparison of America and Sooki? I'd be curious to see what the differences are.

  7. I love America & Vanessa. I have heard SO much about Sooki & Isla though and they've been on my wishlist forever!

    Like other posters, I would LOVE to see a comparison between Sooki and America.