Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 26: Zoya Breezi

I cannot convey how much I love this color. Most of the blues I own are iridescent, glittery, and/or dark. But I picked Breezi right off the bat when the Sunshine and Sparkle collections were released last summer. Honestly, I made an awesome decision.

Zoya Breezi is a GORGEOUS Dodger blue creme. And seriously, Dodger blue is a real name for a web color, which is actually different than the color blue the LA Dodgers actually wear on the uniforms. Look it up... it's uncanny.

This was with just two coats and it was absolutely opaque right off the bat. (See what I did there?)

So in honor of the Zoya Go Braugh giveaway for St. Patrick's Day, Day 27 is going to be the battle of the greens part deux: Dree v. Veruschka! Remember to vote both here and on the Facebook group for a chance to win two mystery Zoya polishes!

And keep an eye out for a special guest editor for Day 28!


  1. Oh, Veruschka please! I love the colour and I'm afraid Zoya doesn't sell it any longer- they are breaking my heart!

  2. Thank you for swatching Breezi! She will be my next Zoya purchase.

    1. Veruschka! She's my go-to-need-to-feel-better or need-to-do-well-on-this-test color <3

  3. Veruschka is so pretty... so I choose her!

  4. Dree! It's my favorite of Zoyas greens!

  5. Verushka!!! I am not a huge green fan but I fell in love with her (& Gemma)!!!

  6. I vote for Dree, because I haven't anything like her yet!

  7. veruschka, though with a top coat, especially as it's not sold anymore.