Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 25: Zoya Petra

When I received the Smoke and Mirrors collection, there were three polishes in there I figured only my roommate would wear. One of them was Petra. But when I saw the shade on her nails, I could not believe how deceiving the color looked in the bottle.

Petra is a dusky gray creme with heavy purple undertones. In fact, it's a pretty wearable color for me, especially considering she was going into my share pile. The funny thing is that in toying around with my recent discovery that layering OPI DS Shimmer over anything and everything makes great polishes even more amazing, I found out how to make Petra a total showstopper.

How drool-worthy is THAT?

For Day 26, let's have a good 'ol battle of the blues: Kristen v. Breezi. Get to voting!

And don't forget to enter the Peter Som Collection Giveaway. Just three days left!

Happy Thursday!
Princess Polish