Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 23: Zoya Dannii

Though I don't own Zoya Danielle (due to its sheer, ballet slipper-like appearance), I like to take some creative license and consider Dannii another namesake.

I'm not going to lie. I waited a really long time to buy Dannii. When the Intimate Collection came out last spring, I dragged my heels. I wasn't in the pastel mood, not even for the much-hyped Gemma. But when the Zoya 2012 promo came out, I finally pulled the trigger and caved.

And boy am I happy I did.

The best way to describe Dannii is as a dark lilac with heavy silver and pink microshimmer. She is drop-dead gorgeous and dark enough to avoid being a pastel, but light enough to be appropriate as we transition to spring.

My stupid point and shoot didn't do her justice, BUT I will be testing out my new macro lens for my iPhone as soon as it comes at the end of the week. You can believe that this shade named for the lovely Miss Minogue will be one of the first I test!

While I'm still waiting for my local Ulta to get the True and Fleck collections respectively (they are SO much slower than the one in Holmdel and don't carry as much of a selection, but unfortunately, the East Brunswick one is only ten minutes away. Holmdel is 40 minutes from my house.), let's throw it back to the Smoke and Mirrors collection for Day 23. Is your vote for Anja or Dree? Who knows… this entry could win you two Zoya mystery polishes!

And remember to enter the Zoya Passion for Fashion giveaway!

Until tomorrow!
Princess Polish


  1. I vote for Dree - my favorite from Smoke & Mirrors

  2. I would love to see Anja. I have seen some swatches where it looks so dark and others are not so much. I haven't decided if I want it on my wishlist yet because of it, and I would appreciate your opinion :)

  3. Dannii is one of my favorite zoyas ever!

  4. Glad I got Danni. I'm voting for Anja next.

  5. anja! and mmy Danni is on the way :)

  6. My vote is for Anja!
    LOVE Dannii on you :)

  7. I'm wearing Danii right now. And would love to see Anja tomorrow!

  8. This is a pretty color. Anja please

  9. Anja. (although I have been loving greens recently, too)