Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 18: Zoya Valerie

Why don't you come on over, Vaaaaaalerieeeee?!?

I love that song. BUT not nearly as much as I love this polish. I mean, I love sparkles. I love vampy colors. And I love duochromes. So Valerie fits the bill on all three. With a smooth as butter application, Valerie is everything you could ask for in a polish. At first glance, she is a deep shade of fuchsia shimmer.Then, with the slightest movement of your fingers, she's more of a dark magenta glass-flecked. Here, it's more of a garnet color, with the slightest hint of gold.And in this final picture, you can see just how much of a color shift there is. There's garnet, gold, fuchsia, and magenta all in one, just like in the bottle.

A TOTAL stunner.

Valerie and Jem are definitely cousins, as you can see from {Day 2'}s post. However, Jem is not really a duochrome. Though, I do love them both and you'll have to pry them out of my hands.

For Day 19, we're going to look ahead a few months. I personally am experiencing cold and dreary weather out here in New Jersey, so we're breaking out the summer shades! So what bright polish will you vote for: Breezi or Mira?

Until tomorrow!
Princess P


  1. Breezi! The whole Summertime Collection is headed my way and I am most excited for Breezi.. I'm addicted to blues :)

  2. I vote for Mira! Such a pretty purple! But then again, aren't most of them pretty? ;)

  3. Wow! I love Valerie! It's gorgeous!

  4. Mira for me too........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Both are absolutely gorgeous but if I had to pick, I would pick Mira!!! <3

  6. You captured Valerie beautifully!

    I have to say though, Breezi!

  7. Valerie is really pretty! I love Breezi & Mira, but I'll vote for Mira I guess.