Monday, October 10, 2011

Revlon Gold Coin

Last fall, while striving to wear every color of the OPI Swiss collection, I fell in love with a little polish called Glitzerland. I've never been the type of girl to wear gold polish, thinking it would yellow my skin tone. But Glitzerland, which had champagne overtones, proved me wrong.

So during a Walgreens haul in July, in which I made $1 in Register Rewards every time I purchased a Revlon polish because my coupon made it free in the first place, I zeroed in on Gold Coin almost immediately.

A stunning gold foil, with a little bit of an aluminum undertone to it, Gold Coin is my go-to-gold. It's not over the top with bright, chunky glitter, instead, it's classy and sophisticated. So much so, that I would confidently wear it to any party or formal event. That is… if I had one to go to.

The application was one of the smoothest of any foil I have ever used and I would highly recommend this to any polish lover, whether they are a gold-lover or not! I also adore its sister from the Metals collection, Silver Dollar, though I am in search of the last of the triplets, Copper Penny. I have yet to get my hands on her, though I hope to soon.

See you tomorrow for the first ever "Dupe or No Dupe?" post, featuring Gold Coin!

Princess Polish

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