Thursday, July 21, 2011

OPI Designer Series: Glamour

As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm a glitter junkie. If a nail polish has sparkles, I'm interested. Although, I'm particular about my glitters.

But there is one kind of nail polish I'm never particular about: duochromes.

For those of you who have never heard of duochromes, or aren't exactly sure what qualifies as one, I would define a duochrome polish as one in which the color changes hue when viewed at an angle and as they move towards or away from a light source.

The OPI Designer Series are famous for its wide range of these polishes, with a few non-DCs sprinkled in like Fantasy and Magic.

However, I stumbled upon DS Glamour while at a friend's house this past week. She had picked it up a while back and forgotten all about it until cleaning out her dresser, leaving it out to show me.

So OF COURSE, I volunteered to try it out. Fair warning, by the time I took pictures, it was two days later and the slightest hint of tip wear is showing. My apologies.

As you can see, DS Glamour is royal blue with a slight purple tint that is INCREDIBLY prismatic. And boy, is it a stunner.

Here, you can really see all of its facets under artificial light. As I took this tonight, sunlight was not available to me. However, I will post a good sunlight shot tomorrow.

Either way, I'll totally wear this again. That is... if I can pry it out of my friend's hands.

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